National Dissemination Seminar - Savitribai Phule Pune University

National Dissemination Seminar - Savitribai Phule Pune University

Date – May- 13, 2021
Timings – 5.00pm to 7.00pm
Project Co-ordinator: Dr. Vaibhav Jadhav


(May- 13, 2021)

Report of Reflection of Workshop on Competency Based and Commitment Oriented Teacher Education for Quality Education

The School of Education, Savitribai Phule Pune University, organized webinar on Competence Development Local Workshop on “GENERIC COMPETENCES IN INDIA on 13th May 2021 using the online platform, Zoom. The workshop was conducted by Prof. (Dr.). Sanjeev Sonawane. The workshop focused on the knowledge and understanding of Generic competency and Commitment oriented Teacher education.

The Local workshop was conducted under the Tuning India Project, co-ordinated by Dr. Vaibhav Jadhav. The Programme began at 05:00 pm. The welcome address and introduction of the Programme was given by Mahesh Mali. At the end of the sesson, questions and anser session was done with satisfaction of the studetens questions. The Programme ended with a parting note and vote of thanksgiven by Dr. Vaibhav Jadhav. Near about 200 students were joined in this workshop.

1.Contextual Competencies-The student teacher’s role is not only to understand the educational system but need to understand the social and cultural systems and context also. The student teacher should develop the broader perceptive and considerations of local as well as global context by keeping in touch with latest trends and growing needs of learner in competitive world. Teacher needs to develop the sense of identifying the various factors which can be responsible for cultural and social development and needs to focus on it.

2.Conceptual competencies-The student teacher should deeply understand the meaning and aims of education. He/She should be fully aware with all areas of child’s development these are Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social. Students teachers need to adopt various innovative ways and methods to develop all levels and all areas of students. Also need to understand that various curricular and cocurricular activities will contribute in child’s holistic development.

3.Content Competencies-The most important factor is students teacher needs to have expertise on the subject matter/Content. Student teacher needs to make content easy for students by adopting various maxims of teaching and learning. For getting mastery on content they need to update their knowledge continuously.

4.Transcational Competencies-Student teacher needs to be creative and innovative to deliver the content. There can be many ways to deliver content in different manner to achieve the set objectives of education. Student teacher needs to make class interactive while delivering content and this interaction needs to more student centred. Student teacher needs to motivate and provide platform to have more interactions. Student teacher can use various techniques like brain storming, cooperative strategies, learning games etc for making class more lively. Student teacher needs to use Audio video aids, technology for creating interest in class and to stimulate the learning with the help of senses.

5.Competancies related to other educational activities-Students Holistic development is aim of education so for that student teacher needs to plan various activities like quiz,exbitions,debate,essay writing, research competition, books review, group ,sports, talents show, discussion, celebration of festivals and national days etc. This type of all activities will make learner all rounder. Student teacher should develop the skills of organising and execution of events with the help of this activities.

6.Competancies related to develop teaching -learning material-Though there are textbooks available for content but still student teacher should have the skill of developing own teaching and learning material. If student teacher will create own audio and video, learning tools,
PowerPoint presentations,quizzes,models,charts then it will defiantly add value in students content understanding and enrichment. Student teacher can develop self-instructional material with the help of technology which will help learner to understand the knowledge even if teacher is not present. Student teacher should have the skills of presentation recording, editing content.

7.Evaluation Competencies-In education system the learners are diverse and they have different abilities so student teacher needs to have the skill of identifying skill set of students. Also the skill of diagnosis of weak areas of student’s progress. Student teacher should know the various evaluation tools and how to use it.For checking different abilities student teacher needs to use skilfully appropriate evaluation tool and technique. Student teacher needs to focus on continuous and comprehensive evaluation. Student teacher should know about need of remedial teaching and appropriate actions to address the gaps in students learning.

8.Management Competencies -It is said that a teacher should be good manager.In education system there are many areas where management is must. Student teacher needs to develop the art and skill of managing the classroom, managing the activities, managing the events. Management involves planning, direction, execution, delegation, leadership all these skills so student teacher must aquire all.

9.Competancies related to parents-It is said that Parents are first teachers and teachers are second parents for children. Student teacher must understand that for the development of child parents role is important. So they should develop trust and good rapport with parents. Student teachers needs to understand that there is need of involvement of parents in feedback ofstudents progress. They should develop the good listening skills when parents are sharing their concerns about child’s progress. Students teacher needs to develop the patience also. Student teacher needs to collaborate with parents and needs to take considerations of them while making plan of child’s

10. Competancies related to working with community and other agencies-For students’ development all social institutions contributes like family, society, community etc. Student teachers needs to understand role of each institutions and needs to collaborate with them. No
school can be isolated from society and community. Student teacher needs to have skill of collaboration with all institutions for all kinds of student’s development. For inculcation social cultural and national values in students all kinds of institutions play important role so they must seek cooperation from all.

The session is recorded and available on YouTube: