Tuning India Results Generic Competences

Tuning India Results Generic Competences
  1. Ability to do research
  2. Adhere to ethical principles
  3. Be socially responsible and humane
  4. Ability to apply knowledge in practical situations
  5. Ability to plan and manage time efficiently
  6. Be a life-long learner
  7. Acquire problem solving capacity
  8. Ability to make reasoned decisions
  9. Have good interpersonal skills
  10. Appreciate and respect diversity and multiculturalism
  11. Ability to manage crisis effectively
  12. Act within the legal framework
  13. Demonstrate environmental and economic consciousness
  14. Ability to communicate effectively
  15. Ability to work as a team
  16. Demonstrate higher order thinking skills (analytical, critical, abstract, creative)
  17. Be a reflective practitioner
  18. Be innovative
  19. Ability to work independently in a responsible manner
  20. Possess self-confidence and entrepreneurial spirit
  21. Be adaptable to emerging trends
  22. Practice professionalism
  23. Promote and ensure equal opportunities including gender issues
  24. Adhere to and enhance quality standards
  25. Demonstrate leadership qualities
  26. Ability to use available resources optimally and efficiently
  27. Ability to manage stress and maintain emotional stability
  28. Have organizational and managerial skills
  29. Be motivated for self-learning
  30. Be goal-oriented