Tuning India Results Subject Specific Competences ICT

Tuning India Results Subject Specific Competences ICT
  1. Applying knowledge of mathematical principles, algorithms and computer sciences to identify requirements, define, analyse and solve problems.
  2. Identifying opportunities in order to remedy redundancy in organisations via the efficient and effective use of ICT solutions.
  3. Identify, formulate, analyse and resolve problems.
  4. Stay committed to confidentiality and data safety.
  5. Design of ICT systems, including modelling (formal description) of their structure and processes.
  6. Deploy, install, integrate, put into service and maintain ICT systems and their elements.
  7. Assimilating emerging ICT technology with societal developments.
  8. Develop ICT systems in compliance with industry specifications, standards and recommendations.
  9. Maintain the quality of ICT systems and substantiate it with research based methodologies.
  10. Understand and create the documentation of ICT solutions.
  11. Identify security threats and provide effective methods for information security.
  12. Understanding and applying ethical, legal, economic and financial concepts in order to take decisions and mange ICT projects.
  13. Efficient utilisation of resources.
  14. Train and support ICT users.
  15. Knowledge of relevant quantitative methods and tools and demonstrate their usage.