Tuning India Results Subject Specific Competences Law

Tuning India Results Subject Specific Competences Law
  1. Knowledge and understanding of basic legal theories, concepts and laws
  2. Knowledge and understanding of socio-economic and political context and taking them into consideration in the creation, interpretation and application of law
  3. Command over legal language and official language of the court
  4. Knowledge and understanding of various dispute resolution systems
  5. Ability to learn and derive appropriately the beneficial components of legal systems of other jurisdictions
  6. To have acquired legal drafting skills
  7. Capacity to read objectively and interpret legal texts in context
  8. Capacity to dissect the facts and identify core facts-in-issue
  9. Capacity to find and apply law to the facts-in-issue
  10. Capacity to identify the ratio decidendi and obiter dicta in judicial decisions
  11. Ability to do quality legal research: both doctrinal and empirical
  12. Capacity to identify the gaps in law and innovate for legal reform
  13. Ability for legal and judicial reasoning
  14. Ability to simplify and explain law to the common man
  15. Ability to plead his case efficiently
  16. Ability to examine and cross examine witnesses
  17. Ability to critically analyze legal instruments
  18. Ability to foresee consequences while enacting and interpreting the law
  19. Ability to harmonize the letter and spirit of law
  20. To have developed court crafts and etiquette
  21. Ability to practice law without compromising professional ethics
  22. Ability to do pro bono advocacy and to take up socio-legal outreach
  23. Ability to work as a legal expert in a trans-disciplinary team
  24. Capacity to act honestly, diligently and transparently in all professional endeavours
  25. Commitment to justice and fairness in all situations