Tuning India Results Subject Specific Competences Medicine

Tuning India Results Subject Specific Competences Medicine
  1. Differentiate between normal and abnormal structure and function of the human body.
  2. Apply ethical and humanitarian principles that influence health care.
  3. Apply medico-legal principles in health care practice.
  4. Integrate health care policies and guidelines into the routine clinical practice
  5. Cater to the health needs of rural, marginalized and differently-abled populations.
  6. Recognize health needs of the community and practice community-based comprehensive health care.
  7. Elicit, evaluate and interpret a patient’s history and medical records.
  8. Perform a relevant physical examination.
  9. Choose and interpret appropriate diagnostic tests based on scientific validity, cost effectiveness and clinical context.
  10. Critically appraise history, examination and diagnostic test findings for differential diagnosis and develop an individualized management plan.
  11. Perform basic clinical procedures independently.
  12. Maintain appropriate patient records within legal and administrative frame works.
  13. Prescribe and safely administer appropriate therapies.
  14. Identify and refer patients for specialized and/or advanced care.
  15. Collaborate with health care professionals.
  16. Collect, analyze and utilize health data.
  17. Practice Evidence-Based Medicine.
  18. Promote positive Health.
  19. Communicate compassionately with patients and care givers.
  20. Maintain confidentiality and privacy of patients.
  21. Respect patient autonomy.
  22. Contribute towards the growth of the medical profession.
  23. Ensure and maintain patient safety.
  24. Adopt Occupational Health safety practices.
  25. Practice safe and sound biomedical waste management.
  26. Recognize the need for palliative and rehabilitative services.
  27. Recognize the role of traditional systems of medicine in health care.
  28. Be sensitive to the issues of gender and equity in health care practice.