Tuning India Results Subject Specific Competences Teacher Education

Tuning India Results Subject Specific Competences Teacher Education
  1. Have awareness about educational policy and legislation (children rights)
  2. Acquire knowledge and understanding of the different Indian types of curricula
  3. Understand and apply Suitable Classroom Management Techniques/ Strategies
  4. Understand child and adolescent development
  5. Have mastery over the subject(s) they will be teaching
  6. Have command on the medium of instruction
  7. Prepare lesson plans (& execute them effectively)
  8. Ability to use a range of appropriate pedagogical practices in the classroom
  9. Ability to use a variety of assessment tools for both formative and summative assessment
  10. Assume different roles in the students learning process (motivator, counsellor, mentor, facilitator, guide, role model & friend)
  11. Demonstrate by their personality and work style the basic values of humanism enshrined in the Constitution of India and UN documents
  12. Practice inclusion and respect, for differences and diversity in their classroom
  13. Expose the students to international/global trends
  14. Treat students as individuals and inculcate a sense of responsibility in them
  15. Help the students understand their own ‘Self’ in social context
  16. Help students to identify their interests & abilities
  17. Encourage students’ critical thinking abilities
  18. Encourage creativity (imagination and openness to novel ideas) among school children
  19. Provide support for academic enrichment
  20. Facilitate students’ participation in co-curricular activities
  21. Provide opportunities for & encourage students to become independent learners / self-learners
  22. Involve parents in child´s education
  23. Teachers’ accountability (towards the profession, learners, institution, authorities)
  24. Seek & use feedback from stakeholders for professional development